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Saturday, July 13, 2024


Prom ‘Fairy Godmothers’ Sought 3.29.2006

By Christine Cote

NORTH CAPE MAY – Fairy godmothers exist, not only in Cinderella’s story.
 Real ones help young women get decked out for a prom at low or no cost.
It’s an idea that is happening elsewhere and now Jean Everly wants to bring the Fairy Godmother Project here for students at Lower Cape May Regional High School and maybe someday county-wide.
Everly, with husband, Bill, owns Heart to Heart Flower and Gift Shop here on Bayshore Road.
 Although she never attended a high school prom, she’s had plenty of experience in 35 years as a florist preparing others for the annual spring ritual.
She first learned of the idea five years ago, and keeps a Web site about the programs on her favorites list. After relocating from Pennsylvania over a year ago, Everly decided to make her dream a reality.
“About three months ago, I decided there were things I want to do and not put off,” she said. “I decided to start it, once it’s out there it will come to be or not.”
Right now she has about two dozen party dresses that have been donated to her, some long, some short, some black, others in a variety of colors.
Can she help anyone this prom season? She’s not sure.
She feels her inventory is too small and she has a space problem. Her shop is filled with gifts, plants and floral accessories and finding a spot for a dress rack and a place for a young lady to try one on are dilemmas she is now facing.
Her hope is that by opening the door on this venture she will gain support from the community.
“I’ll take all the fairy godmothers I can get,” said Everly.
The project is for any high school girl invited to the prom but who can’t afford the dress, shoes and other accessories for a formal evening.
She said she won’t ask for an explanation of someone’s financial circumstances, but “I’d like to know that I’m helping those who truly need it, those who would not be able to attend because they cannot afford an outfit.”
Besides donated dresses, Everly said she would take shoes, handbags, wraps, jewelry and hair accessories. She said help from dry cleaners would also be appreciated because although some of the dresses she has still have tags on them, some to have to be cleaned before they can be worn.
For the complete look, Everly will also take shampoo, make-up and other beauty products that any local stores might want to donate.
She will not accept monetary donations. She needs more dresses, racks and temporary space for spring fittings and other space for year round storage as her inventory grows.
Want to help her spread some magic or find out more, call Everly at 886-5112.
Contact Cote at (609) 886-8600 Ext 31 or:

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