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Monday, May 27, 2024


When We Need Our Freeholders Most All We Hear Is Crickets

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For the past six months, we have been calling on the Freeholders to act on important issues intended to alleviate the difficulties residents and businesses are facing during the pandemic. We have been pushing them to use their official offices to urge the Governor to take action that would help Cape May County. Unfortunately, all of our requests have been ignored and all we hear is crickets.
Instead of advocating for the taxpayers of Cape May County, the Freeholders are merely focused on shoring-up political support with feel good promises made year after year. All of a sudden, with less than six weeks before an election, we are apparently going to have transportation in Ocean City, rebuilt bridges, and an expansive airport. At the same time, open-space funding is being sprinkled through the county in an effort to maintain a myopic status quo. It’s the same old song and dance and we’ve heard it all before.
When the Freeholder Board does speak, it is with one voice echoing a stale, outdated approach to running county government. An approach of wasteful spending, reckless lawsuits, and a workplace built on political favoritism and disrespect to hardworking employees. While at the same time, as Cape May County provides the state with substantial annual tourism revenues, the Freeholders turn a blind eye to how badly we are being shortchanged in state funding. 
Cape May County needs checks and balances that reflect diverse ideas and multiple voices on the Freeholder Board. These are urgent times and we simply cannot afford to continue following a path that just keeps raising taxes and wasting money. Cape May County needs to push past its rigid political partisanship and elect independent thinkers that will change its priorities and be real advocates for county taxpayers. We need a megaphone, not crickets.
Ordered and paid for by Sciarra and Casey for Freeholder, P.O. Box 1551 Wildwood, NJ 08260.

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