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Monday, June 17, 2024


West Wildwood: This Year You Have A Choice

John Banning

By Sponsored

West Wildwood, this year you have a choice in the upcoming election. You can vote for the same old team that has been in office and keep the same state of affairs or choose the new team that is not affiliated with any prior administration and is ready to work for you. The Committee for Honesty, Integrity and Commitment consists of John Banning, Matthew Ksiazek, and Joseph Segrest. The Committee is giving you the chance to create a new direction for our unique back bay community. Unlike previous years when you were limited to settle for the only candidates on the ballot, this year you have a choice. You have three qualified individuals who are stepping up to give you an alternative. They believe it is time for positive change. This positive change will put us in the news, not for our mistakes but for our successes. This change will bring the community together, creating a stronger and more sustainable future. This change is the beginning of what the people need for the community they care about. This is the new opportunity to ensure fiscal responsibility, ethical governance, and a commitment for the greater good of the Borough. This change will give the residents the ability to create new possibilities for West Wildwood. It is time. This year you have the choice that will create the change we all want for the future. Please remember, voting this year will be different than in the past. All voters will receive their ballot delivered by mail in the beginning of October. To ensure your vote is received on time, please choose your candidates and return it as early as possible. You can return by USPS blue mailboxes or by a County provided ballot box. A County provided box is located at Wildwood’s municipal building. Other locations for the County provided ballot boxes can be found at Thank you from The Committee for Honesty, Integrity and Commitment to the West Wildwood Community.
Ordered and paid for by the Committee for Honesty, Integrity and Commitment to the West Wildwood Community, 2 I Avenue West Wildwood, NJ 08260.

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