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Friday, April 12, 2024


Voters to Mike Testa: This Mailer is ‘Crazy Talk’

Team South Jersey Collage

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After reading one of Mike Testa’s fraudulent mailers aloud for the room to hear, a constituent at a Tuesday night candidate forum blasted Senate candidate Mike Testa in disbelief.
“Now, come on,” she said, “Mr. Andrzejczak, I might agree with him, I might disagree with him, but to call him the far left, that is crazy talk.”
In reality, Sen. Bob Andrzejczak (D-1st) has fought Democratic party bosses time and again. He stood with Cape May County’s sheriff to oppose New Jersey becoming a sanctuary state, voted against last year’s gas tax increase, and organized the fight against Gov. Murphy’s veto of the Wildwood Boardwalk funding bill. Sen. Andrzejczak has also been a leading proponent for cutting taxes, managing to double the veteran’s income tax deduction, and cut the shore rental tax during this past year.
The voter’s statement was the climax of a question about Super PACs, that Testa repeatedly dodged.
“Who are you going to work for? Are you going to work for us, sitting in this room, who vote you in, or are you going to work for the people who have paid to put you in?” the voter asked. “Mr. Testa, I’m talking about you as a candidate, what are you going to do to clean up this mess, so that when we get a message that’s on behalf of a candidate that we know it’s true, and we know that you stand behind it?”
Mike Testa proceeded to say that there was nothing he could do to “get money out of elections,” refused to disavow the mailer’s words or acknowledge the statement as falsehood, and defended the organizations that put out lies on his behalf.
Sen. Andrzejczak had this to say: “Let’s take money out of politics. You look at the divide in the country, you look at where we are between the political parties, it’s sickening. We need people who are willing to be there, who are willing to fight and work for everyone.
“We are all New Jersyans first. We are all Americans first. We need to act like it.”
These words were in line with Sen. Andrzejczak’s recent vote on exactly this issue, supporting a bill to require Super PACs to disclose donors over $10,000.
“It’s sad that Mike Testa wants to make this race about partisan politics,” stated Andrzejczak after the forum. “When I was in the Army, it didn’t matter if you were Republican or Democrat. What mattered was whether we got the mission done. It’s leaders with that perspective that we need in South Jersey, folks who are willing to work across the aisle and deliver for LD1.
“That’s what Assemblyman Bruce Land, Assemblyman Matt Milam, and myself do every day.”
Paid for by Committee to Elect Andrzejczak, Land, and Milam for the First District, P.O. Box 941, Court House, NJ 08210.

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