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Unofficial Results for July 7 Primary


By Erin Ledwon

COURT HOUSE – The July 7 primary election, in Cape May County, resulted in 14,481 ballots cast out of 72,199 registered voters, according to the Cape May County Clerk’s election website. Turnout was 20.06%.
The following results “are unofficial and incomplete,” reads a note at the top of the election website ( “There will be additional totals from vote-by-mail ballots which were mailed by the deadline of 8 p.m. Election Day and received up to July 14, 2020 at 8 p.m. There will also be additional totals from provisional ballots cast at the polling locations. Personal choice (write-in) tallies will also be posted as they are available.”
Official results will be published at as soon as they’re available. 
Unofficial Results
One seat, four-year term:
Democrat: Joseph R. Biden, 5,628; Bernie Sanders, 714
Republican: Donald Trump, 6,616
U.S. Senate  
One seat, six-year term:
Republican: Hirsh Singh, 4,817; Patricia Flanagan, 1,067; Rikin (Rik) Mehta, 448; Natlie Lynn Rivera, 185; Eugene T. Anagnos, 137
Democrat: Cory A. Booker, 5,635; Lawrence Hamm, 589
U.S. House of Representatives 
One seat, two-year term:
Democrat: Amy Kennedy, 3,517; Brigid Callahan-Harrison, 1,753; Will Cunningham, 490; John Francis, 133; Robert D. Turkavage, 102  
Republican: Jeff Van Drew, 6,277; Robert Patterson, 1,058
County Races
One seat, three-year term:
Republican: Robert A. Nolan, 6,718
One seat, five-year term:
Republican: Rita Marie Fulginiti, 7,009
Two seats, three-year terms:
Democrat: Elizabeth F. Casey, 5,504; Brendan Sciarra, 5,285
Republican: Will Morey, 6,624, Jeffrey L. Pierson, 6,535
Municipal Races
Dennis Township Committee
Two seats, three-year terms:
Republican: Scott J. Turner, 442; Thomas J. VanArtsdalen, 442
Democrat: Renee Pettit, 335; Jeffrey Trout, 318
Lower Township
One seat, four-year term:
Democrat: Christopher South, 1,323
Republican: Francis H. Sippel, 1,455
One seat, four-year term:
Republican: David Perry, 1,448
Democrat: Chris Marlowe, 1,301
2nd Ward Council
One seat, two-year unexpired term:
Republican: Kevin S. Coombs, 499
Middle Township Committee 
One seat, three-year term:
Democrat: Bob Jackson, 987
Republican: Timothy Donohue, 1,091 
North Wildwood City Council 
1st Ward Council
One seat, three-year term:
Republican: David J. Del Conte, 174
2nd Ward Council
One seat, three-year term:
Republican: Kellyann Tolomeo, 147

Stone Harbor
One seat, four-year term:
Republican: Judith M. Davies-Dunhour, 143
Council member
Two seats, three-year terms:
Republican: Robin Lynn Casper, 104; Reese E. Moore, 103; Joselyn O. Rich, 88
Upper Township Committee 
One seat, three-year term:
Democrat: John Amenhauser, 639
Republican: Curtis T. Corson, Jr., 944
Woodbine Council 
Two seats, three-year terms:
Republican: Hector Cruz, 57; David Bennett, 48

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