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Thornton – Middle’s Future is Bright with Norris

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By Letter by Jerry Thornton / Paid for by Norris for Committee

I have been proud to serve the people of our county for nearly 40 years. Along the way, I have learned a few things about what makes a good public servant.  Foremost among these qualities are honesty, integrity, hard work and a commitment to improving the quality of life for all of our residents.
As a long-time resident of Middle Township, I’m proud to say I see all these qualities in Committeeman Jim Norris. Beginning with his service on the Middle Township School Board and continuing through his first term on Township Committee, Jim Norris has proven his dedication to good government and providing great municipal services. Jim does the hard work to understand all sides of the issues, brings positive energy to every task and takes the time to listen to the folks he serves.
Jim Norris joined Township Committee just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.  Along with Mayor Tim Donohue and Deputy Mayor Ike Gandy, Jim Norris committed to putting Middle Township first and to steering a steady course through the unprecedented challenges faced in those dark days. Thanks to Jim’s leadership, Middle Township came through those turbulent times stronger and more united than ever.
It’s been said that every election is about the future.  As I move towards the completion of my final year as Director of the Board of County Commissioners, I take comfort in the knowledge that the future of my hometown and all of Cape May county looks bright under the leadership of young Republicans like Jim Norris.  I’m proud to support Jim for re-election to Township Committee and call on all my friends and supporters in Middle Township to vote Jim Norris for Committee on November 8th.
Jerry Thornton
Director – Cape May County Board of Commissioners
Paid for by Norris for Committee

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