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Thank You from Mayor Frank Sippel, Deputy Mayor Dave Perry, and Councilman Kevin Coombs

Councilman Kevin Coombs

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Dear Lower Township,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who supported us these last several years and again this past Election Day – we are honored and humbled that you elected us to continue serving you on Township Council. The overwhelming support you shared with us throughout our campaign was reinforced on Election Day, and it is sincerely appreciated. 
During the campaign, we shared our record on Council with you – the ways we’ve improved the Township’s programs and infrastructure, our support for Lower Township’s police and first responders, and the ways that we have honored and celebrated the veterans in our community, all while keeping a balanced budget and not increasing the taxes you pay. We are grateful that you recognized the considerable work we have accomplished for you, for our community, for us all. We are also grateful that we had the opportunity to speak with many of you about the challenges you continue to face. We are not resting on past accomplishments and have already started thinking about the work ahead and ways that we can help you overcome some of those challenges that you shared with us. Rest assured, we will make every attempt to incorporate the thoughts and experiences you shared with us into our plan to move Lower Township forward.
We also like to thank Chris South and Chris Marlowe for placing their name on the ballot. Their desire to serve our community is commendable, and we appreciate the respectful campaign they ran, which should be expected by all candidates, but seems to be somewhat rare these days. We thank you both.
Lastly, we thank Jeff Lindsay for serving as our campaign manager and his leadership with the LTGOP, as well as the rest of our campaign team and the Lower Township Republican Organization for their hard work and dedication on our behalf. Many of you spent time away from your families and from enjoying things that are much more fun than campaigning, and we truly appreciate your time and efforts in support of us.
We wish all our residents the very best and look forward to serving alongside Councilmen Tom Conrad and Roland Roy to make Lower Township the very best community it can be. Stay safe and God bless.
Mayor Frank Sippel
Deputy Mayor Dave Perry
Councilman Kevin Coombs
Ordered and paid for by Friends of Sippel, Perry and Coombs P.O. Box 231 Villas, NJ 08251.

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