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Monday, May 27, 2024


Sciarra and Casey Call on Freeholders to Push for In-Person Machine Voting Option

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With the November election fast approaching, Freeholder candidates Brendan Sciarra and Liz Casey are urging the Cape May County Freeholder Board to pass a resolution requesting the Governor’s Office to permit in-person machine voting for its residents.
“With the second lowest number of registered voters in the state, the county can certainly accommodate in-person machine voting. Although universal vote-by-mail is necessary for voters at high risk to Covid, we believe the option should be available for all Cape May County voters to follow the time-honored tradition of on-site machine voting. With only 72,000 registered voters, our county shouldn’t be restricted to the same voting process as Bergen, Essex, and Middlesex counties with over a half million voters,” Sciarra said.
Sciarra and Casey maintain that Cape May County residents have demonstrated they are effectively taking personal responsibility in adhering to Covid safeguards and can follow best practices in the voting booth on Election Day. Noting that the U.S. Postal Service has publicly stated that it cannot guarantee all mail-in ballots will be delivered in time to be counted, Sciarra and Casey contend allowing smaller counties broader in-person voting opportunities in addition to provisional ballots will help alleviate the burden on the postal service and eliminate some of the misinformation circulating and confusion over this year’s general election voting process.
Casey said, “allowing the nearly half dozen counties with less than 100,000 registered voters to access on-site machine voting will assist the process in ensuring all state-wide votes are effectively counted on Election Day.” Casey pointed to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s assertion that with proper safeguards, there is no reason that we can’t have in-person voting. “If our nation’s expert on the pandemic is confident that the election process can safely manage in-person voting across the United States, we can certainly be assured Cape May County can do it,” concluded Casey.
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