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Monday, June 17, 2024


Sciarra and Casey Advocates for Our Veterans

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Cape May County has the distinct honor of having the highest percentage of veterans of any county in New Jersey. Our veterans and service men and women deserve our sincere respect and utmost gratitude. It is our responsibility to see that our veterans appropriately receive the benefits they earned for serving our country.
The county also has the unique designation of being a “Coast Guard Community.” As one of a select county in the country, we are home to U.S Coast Guard Training Center Cape May. Being the birthplace of the Enlisted Corps, our county plays a key role in the security of our nation.
As Freeholders, Brendan Sciarra and Liz Casey will make it a priority to promote available resources and benefits for our veterans. Sciarra and Casey will also continue to foster and strengthen the relationship between the Coast Guard community and the people of Cape May County.
It is our duty to support our veterans and the men and women who are actively serving. Sciarra and Casey find it unacceptable that veterans experience mental health disorders, substance related disorders, post-traumatic stress, and traumatic brain injuries at disproportionate rates to the civilian population. Sciarra and Casey find it infuriating that so many veterans face unemployment and are far too often pushed into homelessness.  
Sciarra and Casey will work tirelessly with the county Veterans’ Bureau, state and federal agencies, and community partners to make certain that our veterans and their families have adequate access to healthcare, education, jobs, and the resources owed to them to thrive in civilian life.
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