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Sunday, May 26, 2024


Morris County Man Announces Campaign for Governor

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By Press Release

MORRIS COUNTY – Phil Rizzo announced his campaign for governor of New Jersey. 

“New Jersey, it’s time to get our lives back,” stated Rizzo, a native of Morris County. “We’re ready to put fear behind us, stand up for ourselves and our families, and get our state prospering again.” 

“New Jersey has been met with some intense challenges that have tested our optimism, and we’re left wondering if life will ever get back to normal,” Rizzo said during his campaign announcement, “but when I look at our future, I’m hopeful because New Jerseyans are some of the toughest, most resilient people on the planet. I’m confident that with the right leadership, these dark days can quickly become a distant memory. We’re not just going to heal – we’re going to fight.” 

Phil Rizzo is a fighter. He overcame great adversity – including the childhood loss of his right arm – to become a star athlete, business owner, the co-founder of a New Jersey school and a pastor.  

According to a release, he currently serves as pastor of City Baptist Church, in Hudson County. He and his wife, Jennifer, are parents of four. 

Rizzo says he wants to make New Jersey a state to plant your roots, not a place you’re desperate to leave. As your governor, Rizzo’s plan is to heal New Jersey from the losses of Covid, make the government work for the people, stand up for families, and return New Jersey to the prosperity it once knew. 

“It’s time to reclaim the prosperity of New Jersey. It’s time to go back to work again, get our kids back in school, reopen our small businesses, report profits instead of losses, plan for retirement again, and empower New Jerseyans to overcome the challenges we face,” Rizzo stated. “If I have the privilege of becoming your governor, I will work to get the government out of your way and reverse this economic downturn. I’ll find ways to lower your tax burden, adopt energy policies that work for us, not against us, defend your individual rights, and protect your family and your values.” 

“If you want to empower New Jersey and take your life back, vote Phil Rizzo for governor.” 

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