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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Mayor Donohue Backs the Blue

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One of my earliest memories is the smell of brass polish. My father, Bill Donohue, was a Stone Harbor Police Officer, and my brothers, Ed, Joe and Mike, would join me at the foot of our parents’ bed and use old tee-shirts and Brasso to polish our dad’s buttons, buckles, and even bullets.
Our father was a military veteran and he never started a shift without having his uniform “squared away.” Chief William Donohue was our real-life hero and we would proudly march him to the door as he headed out to “protect and serve” our community. We were “cop’s kids” and proud of it. We still are.
Fast forward 50 years. My brother Ed is a past Chief of the Lower Township PD. My youngest brother, Michael, went on to be a Prosecutor and Superior Court Judge, and I am now seeking the honor of a fourth term on Middle Township Committee.
Our parents instilled a sense of public service that has carried on through our own children, many of whom have stepped up to serve in law enforcement and the military.
My father passed away in May of 2011, just a few months before I was elected for the first time. He wasn’t able to see me be sworn in, but I feel in my heart that he would be proud of my public service and especially my unflinching support of the Middle Township Police Department.
As Director of Public Safety, I have worked hard to support Chief Chris Leusner and his excellent command staff to build one of the state’s most proactive and progressive law enforcement agencies. Township Committee’s commitment to the MTPD and the principles of inclusive, community policing has been backed up by words and deeds.
Forward-thinking communities, like Middle Township, invest in the latest training and technology to consistently improve on the outcomes of our interactions with the citizens we are all sworn to serve.
We are committed to listening and learning from all of our residents, evidenced by the Township’s establishment of the Police Community Engagement Committee.
Today, we see an unwarranted tide of resentment and anger aimed at all police officers and fueled by reckless politicians to drive a radical, defund the police agenda.
Police officers are human and will make split-second decisions that will be criticized by others, and yes, there are some bad cops out there. No one is above the law. But the good far outweigh the bad, and the good support continued training for officers, separation from duty, when necessary and criminal charges, when proven to be warranted by a thorough investigation.
But we won’t build better police departments and achieve better outcomes by dismantling and defunding law enforcement and painting the truly “good guys” in an evil light.
Now is the time for all good people to rally behind our men and women in blue and their families.
The residents of Middle Township can rest assured that their Mayor stands side by side on that thin blue line with the MTPD and all the men and women of law enforcement. I’m still that “cop’s kid.” Always will be.
Tim Donohue
Mayor – Director of Public Safety
Middle Township, NJ
Ordered and paid for by Donohue for Committee, 21 Acorn Lane, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210.

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