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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Local Veterans Celebrated at Lower Township’s Veterans Day Parade

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Lower Township is once again hosting its Veterans Day parade this year to honor and celebrate the brave men and women who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces.  The parade was initiated in 2018 at the request of Mayor Frank Sippel, who retired as a Command Sergeant Major after serving in the Army with distinguishment for more than 36 years.
“We on Lower Township Council have the utmost admiration for the sacrifices made by the many local men and women, like Frank Sippel, who have served to protect and preserve the freedoms enjoyed by the residents of Lower Township and throughout our country,” said Deputy Mayor Dave Perry.  He continued, “this is a celebration of them and their family members who have sacrificed so much for this country.”
The admiration of Council has been equally shared by Lower Township residents as several hundred people have attended the Township’s Veterans Day parades, which features local veterans, military vehicles, first responders, bands, and community organizations.  This year the parade begins at 11 a.m. in front of the Villas Fire Department and continues down Bayshore Road to Township Hall. 
“We have many veterans from Lower Township who have served in every branch of the military, and in every era, during peace and war, and many of whom continue to serve as volunteers in different aspects of our community.  It is really great to see residents line Bayshore Road waving their US flags and cheering our veterans.  The parade is a small token of appreciation to our veterans, but I know it means a lot to them to feel appreciated for the sacrifices that they and their families made,” said Mayor Frank Sippel.  Sippel added, “I have and will always look for ways to help veterans and the families of veterans who live in Lower Township.”
“Spending time with veterans and hearing their experiences is always inspiring,” said Councilman Kevin Coombs.  “We have a somewhat extensive military history in Lower Township with the World War II fort and lookout tower on Sunset Boulevard and Naval Air Station Wildwood at the airport; the parade was a great addition to our recognition of veterans and our unique history here in Lower Township.”
Mayor Sippel concluded, “This is one of my favorite Township events every year and I am glad we are able to have it again this year, especially in these times. I would like to thank Township Manager Jim Ridgway, Eileen Kreis, and the many other Township employees who do all the work to put together the parade.”
Ordered and paid for by Friends of Sippel, Perry and Coombs P.O. Box 231 Villas, NJ 08251.

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