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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Karavan to Seek Second Term as Head of Cape GOP

Marcus Karavan

By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – Cape May County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Marcus Karavan received the endorsement of every Cape May County Republican mayor, as he seeks a second, four-year term as the leader of the Cape May County Regular Republican Organization. 
According to a release, Karavan formally submitted his letter of intent to seek re-election to CapeGOP Second Vice-Chair Timothy Donohue Jan. 6, 2020.
“I’m honored to join my fellow mayors in endorsing Chairman Karavan for a second term as the leader of our Republican organization,” Sea Isle Mayor Leonard Desiderio stated. “The CapeGOP has never been in better shape. The advancement of Republican leadership in our towns is bringing more fiscal responsibility and better local government. We look forward to more of the same under Marc’s leadership.”
During his first full term, beginning in June 2017, Karavan has shepherded the CapeGOP through four years of electoral success, culminating in the capture of the 1st Legislative District Senate and Assembly seats in 2019. Republicans have retained their control of all county-wide elected positions and hold every municipal seat in most of the county’s largest communities; gaining 5-0 advantages in Lower, Dennis and Upper Township and (for the first time) a 3-0 Republican majority in Middle Township.
The political year in 2019 was capped by the historic switch of U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2nd) from Democrat to Republican.
“Marcus has done a great job of building on the momentum created under former Chairman Mike Donohue,” North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello stated. “Under Chairman Karavan’s leadership, our organization is strong and well-funded. We continue to attract great candidates and win elections by staying true to our Conservative principles.”
Cape May County Republican County Committee members will convene shortly after the June Primary Election, to choose the party’s leadership slate for the next four years.
“Heading into 2020, our party is united and energized,” Middle Township Mayor and CapeGOP 2nd Vice-Chair Timothy Donohue stated. “As I seek my fourth term on Township Committee, I’m excited to share the ticket with one of the strongest slates of candidates in CapeGOP history. I’m proud to join my fellow mayors in endorsing Chairman Karavan for another four-term as our leader.”
“I am truly honored to have the unanimous support of our Republican mayors,“ Karavan stated. “The hard work and unwavering commitment shown by our municipal elected officials has proven that unity, unselfish team-work and remaining true to our core political principles are the key to our continued success.”

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