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Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Gandy and Norris – Uncertain Times Call for Donohue’s Trusted Leadership in Middle

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As your Deputy Mayor and Committeeman, we believe Middle Township is an amazing town, filled with great people and natural beauty. We both hope to ensure that our hometown remains a great place to live, raise your family, and be successful. This is why we both ran for Township Committee and we are honored to serve our residents every day. Our job has been difficult at times, especially during this pandemic, but we have been able to push forward on a unified front, under the trusted leadership of our friend and colleague, Mayor Tim Donohue. 
Tim Donohue has worked tirelessly for Middle Township since he ran for office in 2011. Under his leadership, our town has seen:
• 0% municipal tax increases under Republican control
• The restoration of the MTPD to a proactive, community policing force
• The opening of the Rio Grande Police Substation
• The nearing completion of our town-wide Bike Path
• The opening of the Ockie Wisting Recreation Complex, Avalon Manor Fishing Pier and Railroad Ave Rec Complex and Dog Park
• Partnership with Lower Township MUA to bring clean, safe drinking water to Del Haven
• Bold and innovative approaches to the complex challenges facing local government…..and much more
Just as important are the practices you have not seen! After nearly 75 years of one-party rule, Mayor Donohue has led the way to more open and transparent government, fairer hiring practices, rewarding employees based on merit, and ending nepotism in Town Hall. For the record, no family members of any Republican elected official have been hired to work in the Township, period. Tim Donohue sets the standard every day for honesty and integrity. He walks that walk.
This past year we have weathered an unprecedented number of unique challenges. We have had protests in our town, we have stared down COVID-19 and dealt with a prolonged shut down of our small businesses. Under Tim’s leadership, we have faced these challenges head-on.
We were both there in Rio Grande on June 1st, the night of the protest. It was Tim Donohue that engaged the protesters, bringing the Clergy, the County Prosecutor, and Chief Leusner into the mix. Under his leadership, in a very tense moment, a spirit of peace, prayer, and togetherness arose, and an important conversation was started. The photo that emerged from that night, at the crossroads of Rt 9 and Rt 47, exemplifies Tim Donohue’s mission… to find the common ground to bring good people together to do good work. This good work, by many, has led to the formal establishment of the Middle Township Law Enforcement Community Engagement Committee.
In a time of uncertainty and anxiety, Mayor Donohue reported the COVID-19 cases numbers in a factual, reassuring, and apolitical way. Most importantly, under his leadership, the Township found creative ways to keep our community spirit alive! Tim helped push for outdoor dining for our restaurants so they could open during the pandemic with expanded outdoor seating. He took the fight to Trenton to demand a safe and sensible reopening of our local economy. He advocated for Township employees to safely work from home, ensuring they were able to continue to provide great municipal services, while also taking care of their families. Police and Public Works staff were broken into smaller teams to ensure continued services, while greatly reducing the chance of a widespread outbreak of COVID-19.
We continue to face tremendous challenges, but under Mayor Donohue’s leadership, the Township Committee is united in purpose and committed to building a better Middle Township. We are proud to endorse Mayor Donohue. We encourage all Middle Township voters to do the same, by voting to re-elect Tim Donohue. Together we are, #MiddleUnited!
Theron “Ike” Gandy
Deputy Mayor – Middle Township
Jim Norris
Committeeman – Middle Township
Ordered and paid for by Donohue for Committee, 21 Acorn Lane, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210.

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