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Sunday, May 26, 2024


Dems Bacher, Jackson Seek More Than Single Debate

By Herald Staff

COURT HOUSE — Democratic freeholder candidates Steve Bacher and Bob Jackson invited the Republican incumbents to join them in a series of forums to discuss issues of concern to county voters in various municipalities on a variety of dates and times, but in today’s Press of Atlantic City, the incumbents declined in favor of a single debate, according to a Saturday release.
“The idea,” said Jackson, “is to give busy working people the opportunity to ask the candidates questions in a place that’s closer to their home and more convenient to the voter.”
“The single debate in Cape May Court House is certainly convenient to me, because I live there,” said Bacher. “But what about people in Ocean City, Woodbine and Wildwood Crest?”
“We’re about accountability and accessibility to all of the citizens,” said Jackson.
Freeholder Gerald Thorton was quoted as saying as an incumbent, he’s too busy for more than one debate. “If he wanted to make time, he could make time,” said Bacher. “If he’s
too busy to give people a chance to ask about his plans for the next three years, he shouldn’t be running.”
Bakley was quoted in the same article as saying, “I think one debate, that’s the way it’s always been and I see no reason why that should be changed.”
“Mr. Bakley’s response to our invitation for a new openness and accessibility to candidates during the campaign is no surprise. They want things to be done the same as they have been done for a hundred years. It’s time for a change,” said Jackson.
Bacher and Jackson plan to hold forums throughout the County in September and October, with or without the incumbents.

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