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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Challenging Times Call for Donohue’s Trusted Leadership

Tim Donohue

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For nine years, through three terms on Township Committee, Tim Donohue has continued to raise his voice on the issues that matter most to the voters.
On taxes, he stated, loud and clear, that we would find a way to end the decade-long, double-digit tax increases that overburdened our local businesses and every year took more and more from our property owners, in an already slumping economy. Some folks said it was a fluke to freeze the levy for one year. After two years, they said it was smoke and mirrors. When Township Committee, under Donohue’s leadership, kept the levy below the all-time high for five consecutive years, those voices went silent and the taxpayers saved millions of dollars.
In nine years on Township Committee, Tim Donohue has NEVER voted for a tax increase.
On issue after issue, from rebuilding our police department, to taking on the traffic nightmares caused by the Parkway Project, to fighting for our fair share of County Open Space funding, to our efforts to clean up Rio Grande and bring clean water to the folks in Del Haven; Tim Donohue has raised his voice to rally support for the fights that have mattered to Middle Township.
“I want to hear as many voices as possible rise to do good work,” Donohue explained.
Donohue started the first municipal Animal Advisory Board in New Jersey to give voice to the active and diverse coalition of animal advocates in our town. Under his leadership, the Township established the Veterans Advisory Board to speak out and organize on behalf of our veterans and their families. Now Middle Township has established one of the first Police-Community Engagement Committees in South Jersey.
“I think, most importantly, I have tried to listen and learn. When people actually believe they are being listened to, that by raising their voices they can actually be heard and make a difference, suddenly more and more people want to get involved,” Donohue said.
The daunting and unpredictable challenges that lie ahead, for our country and our town, demand experienced leadership willing to seek bold and innovative approaches to complex problems.
“I’ve been honored to serve the people of Middle Township and to have worked with such a diverse and talented group of caring and passionate citizens over these past nine years.” Mayor Donohue said. “We have been challenged like never before in 2020 and we have come through together… Middle United!
The time to vote is now. When you do, consider Tim Donohue’s record. You will recognize his voice as one of proven, trusted experience. You will remember all the times in the past decade that he has brought our collective voices together on important issues, to make a positive and lasting difference for our hometown. 
Re-Elect Mayor Tim Donohue to Township Committee – Trusted Leadership
Ordered and paid for by Donohue for Committee, 21 Acorn Lane, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210.

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