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Sunday, July 14, 2024


Pittsgrove Couple Cited for Higbee Beach Nudity-6-16-2006

By Al Campbell

Pittsgrove Couple Cited
For Higbee Beach Nudity
HIGBEE BEACH – The June 15, 2:30 p.m. report to Lower Township police of a nude male walking on the Delaware Bay beach here, resulted in the arrest of a Pittsgrove couple.
According to police, Sgt. John Chew and Patrolman Michael Szemcsak responded and found Robert D. Ameno, 58, allegedly completely naked, and his wife, Susan M. Ameno, partially naked.
The couple told police they were from Pittsgrove and St. Petersburg, Fla.
Both were cited on a local ordinance violation of indecent exposure and released.
Their tentative day in municipal court is June 27.
Lower Township police advise that public nudity is prohibited anywhere in the township. The police plan to step up enforcement of that law at Higbee Beach.

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