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Notes to my Neighbors 4.12.2006

By Rick Racela

While everybody in North Wildwood is asking “Where’s Gus?” we at the Herald are asking “Where’s Carolyn?”
We haven’t see hide nor hair of her this week.
She didn’t even leave a column to print.
Is it possible that she got lost in the throngs of people who showed up on the beach on Saturday to be a part of an aerial photo shoot?
You may have heard that residents of the city were invited to be photographed as a human number “100” to commemorate the city’s centennial.
The participants were organized into three groups, one holding up red paper plates to form the first digit, the second holding white ones for the first zero, and the third for a blue zero. Barb Boyle orchestrated the whole thing.
 The photo, taken from a Coast Guard helicopter by Jerry Boyle, will be put in a time capsule at the festivities on May 16, the actual birthday.
Can you find Carolyn in the crowd?

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