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Saturday, June 15, 2024


‘No Knee-jerk Reactions’ to Procedures, Cape May Beach Patrol Chief Says

Shown is a stock photo of a lifeguard boat on a Cape May beach in 2019.

By Karen Knight

CAPE MAY – The city’s lifeguards are coping with the Aug. 20 death of 16-year-old Norman Inferrera III, who died from injuries suffered after the lifeguard boat he was rowing in the oceanwas broadsided by a wave and flipped over.
Cape May Beach Patrol Chief Harry Back said, “The more time we spend together, the better for support.”
He views the end of the summer lifeguard season with “mixed” feelings since “people have helped each other together, but college is starting, and everyone will be breaking up. I know time will heal all wounds, and we will heal, but we will not forget. We will get through this together.”
According to a city-issued release, grief counselors were provided for all Beach Patrol staff.
The beach patrol Aug. 27 was to board a bus with a police escort to attend Inferrera’s funeral, according to City Manager Michael Voll. Lifeguards from various shore towns were to provide coverage for the day.
Voll previously referred to an “investigation” ( being in its early stages that could result in procedural changes to the Beach Patrol’s operations, explaining, “By investigation, this is normal protocol by the state police to inspect the boat and make sure there was nothing improper.” 
Nothing improper was found, according to Voll.
Back said there would be “no knee-jerk reactions to any procedures at this point. 
“We will discuss many things eventually, and we will continue to take whatever precautions we need to, but the main thing is to get through this and start the healing process.”
Back said the lifeguard boats were brought onto the beaches in anticipation of high surf resulting from Tropical Storm Fred Aug. 20-22 and remain there “for now.”

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