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News Digest 3.29.2006

By Rick Racela

Set Bigley Dates
COURT HOUSE — Superior Court Acting Assignment Judge William Todd has set hearings on May 8, 9, 11, 23, 24 and 25 on the Bigley action filed by Prosecutor Robert Taylor to get funds from the county for additional staff and space.  That came out of a March 23 meeting here between Todd, Taylor, First Assistant Prosecutor J. David Meyer, county Administrator Steve O’Connor, and attorney Russell Lichtenstein, representing the county. That could bring a decision in June which could be applied to six months of this year.
DST Weekend
Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. Sunday, April 2. Set your clocks ahead before retiring Saturday, or be an hour late for church Sunday morning, or for your tee-off.  It’s also a good time to replace smoke alarm batteries.
How Embarrassing
 STONE HARBOR — In summer, when parking meters consume coins, violations abound. However, in February, the month’s lone parking violation warranted special mention at the March 21 borough council meeting by Councilman Brian Levinson, as he read the public safety report. “One parking violation, and we don’t even have any meters up,” Levinson said, which drew some chuckles. There was also one ordinance violation, for curfew of minors. There were 20 animal complaints.
 Unearth Bone
 STONE HARBOR — Digging in the 300 block of 96th Street for the Gateway Project workers unearthed, “a large bone,” said Councilman Brian Levinson during borough council’s March 21 meeting. “They had to investigate if it was human or not. All work had to stop,” he said. The 11-inch bone, inspected by a forensic anthropologist, was deemed to be an animal’s, he said.
A Major Loss
 CREST HAVEN — Retirements of Robert Griesbach, supervisor of buildings and grounds, and Assistant Superintendent Dolores Lawrie-Higgins from the county Technical School were termed a “major loss to the district,” by Superintendent William Desmond. Announcement of the pending retirements was made at the March 21 board meeting.  “Filling Dr. Higgins shoes will be very difficult,” added Desmond. A statewide search will begin as soon as possible to find replacements.
 Hopeful Completion
 CREST HAVEN — Still to be bid, the county Technical School’s $14.8-million, 42,000-square-foot addition, including classrooms, science labs, and shop areas will be done in time for school opening, September 2007. “Hopefully we don’t hit any bad weather,” Superintendent William Desmond told the board of education March 21. Overseeing the project is Garrison Architects. Much of the work will be done away from present classrooms. Arrangements will have to be made with the Special Services Schools to allow kitchen and other deliveries during construction, he said.
Marathon Winners
SEA ISLE CITY — The eigth annual Ocean Drive Marathon enticed over 1,000 runners to signup for the event, which was held March 26. Chuck Engle of Jackson, Miss. placed first out of about 466 runners in the 26.1-mile trek from Cape May to Sea Isle City. Greg Watson of Media, Pa. won the 10-mile race and 17-year-old Jeremy Scheid of Sparta, placed first in the 5K Race.
Purse Snatcher Pleads
COURT HOUSE — James Wilmarth, 19, of Marlton admitted to calling a 16-year-old girl over to his car for directions and then stealing her purse Aug. 24 in Wildwood. The car Wilmarth was a passenger in, then sped away and was stopped by police soon after. He pleaded guilty March 23 to the third-degree crime, theft from a person. Wilmarth, already on probation for other charges, will receive a three-year prison term at his sentencing June 2. He is expected to pay back the $40 stolen from the purse as part of his plea agreement.
Drug-Free Zones?
TRENTON — The Justice Policy Institute conducted a national study, which found that drug-free zones don’t protect children and put an unequal number of minorities behind bars. The survey, released March 23, concluded that the drug-free zones are too big, thus failing to deter drug sales within school zones. The law dictates a drug-free school zone 1,000 feet around a school and 500 feet around parks and public housing. Proposed legislation seeks to raise the penalties from third-degree to second-degree crimes and would impose a 200-foot limit for designated areas.
Sentence Dealer
COURT HOUSE — Charles White, 30, of Woodbine was sentenced March 24 by Superior Court Judge Carmen Alvarez to three years in prison for possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute. Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Infusino said White was trying to provide clothing and food for his wife and six stepchildren by selling drugs. He was found with 14 grams of cocaine and more than five grams of marijuana. He planned to sell the drugs in Wildwood. White has been arrested 14 times, but only had one prior conviction. He received credit for 22 days already served.
Nab Jr. Firefighters
GOSHEN — Two junior firefighters, ages 15 and 16, were arrested and released to the custody of their parents March 23 for allegedly starting two brush fires. Charges of arson and failure to report or control a dangerous fire are pending. Township fire investigators concluded that the March 22 and 23 brush fires, that destroyed woodlands off Goshen Road and Bucks Avenue, were started intentionally.

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