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Sunday, May 19, 2024


New Resort Hotel Approved in Sea Isle

Pictured is a 3D render of the now-approved Ludlam Hotel

By Other News Source

According to Sea Isle News, Sea Isle City’s council voted unanimously to approve a 58-room luxury hotel, “The Ludlam Hotel,” on the site of the LaCosta Lounge nightclub and Coast Motel. Sea Isle News reported that construction on the new hotel will bring “two new restaurants, an indoor-outdoor bar, … a swimming pool,” a fourth floor, and a complete overhaul of most existing hotel rooms.
The property was purchased by Christopher Glancey in 2018 for 7.3 million, and this new development is the result of years-long planning. Mark Petrella, lead architect for the project, said that the Ludlam Hotel will represent a “complete transformation” of the original property. Glancey told Sea Isle News that the project will be a “cornerstone of the town.”
Construction will happen in several phases. The first phase of construction, the renovation of some existing hotel rooms and suites, will finish by Memorial Day 2022. Full construction on the overhauled property will begin after the 2022 tourism season ends.
The final project’s landscaping features were emphasized when proposals were made to the planning board. The lead landscaping architect for the property said that evergreen trees, shrubs, flowers, decorative planters, grass, and other ornamental greenery will be prominent across the resort.
One of the new bars on the property, the Ludlam Beach Lighthouse Bar, will feature a large façade that resembles the top of a full-sized lighthouse complete with a replica beacon.
The development is one of the largest in recent Sea Isle History, and public comment at the March 14 meeting was wholly positive. The project will change the landscape of downtown Sea Isle City. Construction on the Ludlam Hotel resort will be finished by 2023, according to the project’s developer.  

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