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Saturday, May 18, 2024


New Jersey Courts Enter Second Phase of Post-Pandemic Plan

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TRENTON – New Jersey courts entered Phase 2 of the Judiciary’s Post-Pandemic Plan June 22, which requests a limited number of employees to return to court facilities while still restricting most in-person events.
According to a release, in Phase 2, 10-15% of judges and staff return to court facilities, and certain matters that cannot proceed remotely may be conducted onsite. Other than judges and staff, only attorneys and those members of the public who have scheduled court matters or appointments are permitted in the buildings.
Those who have scheduled court matters or an appointment must wear a mask in the building and must maintain 6 feet of distance from others wherever possible. Those who are sick or believe they have the COVID-19 virus should not enter any court facilities. Members of the public seeking court services should contact the court by phone or email without entering the building. Self-represented litigants may continue to receive services remotely by contacting the ombudsman’s office in their vicinage.

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