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Saturday, June 15, 2024


MUA Will HIke Pump Station Capacity for Rio Grande Area 4.26.2006

By Rick Racela

RIO GRANDE — Signs of development here, the sights and sounds of construction, are diffi-cult to miss.
But another indicator is a small brick building on Seventh Street just off Exit 4A of the Gar-den State Parkway.
County MUA commissioners agreed April 18 to give yet another boost to the capacity of that sewage pumping station, in response to a  request from Middle Township.
That upgrade, to 825,000 gallons per day (gpd) will cost an estimated $400,000, Norkis told this newspaper, for which Middle will reimburse the MUA.
The MUA will pay for the additional operating cost.
From the pumping station, the sewage goes to the Wildwood/Lower Wastewater Treatment Facility on Rio Grande Boulevard.
“What if the pipe wouldn’t handle it?” asked MUA Chairman George Betts.
“We feel we can handle it. It’s not cut that close,” said MUA Executive Director Charles Norkis.  “We did ask them to control the flow with the peaking factor in mind. In the early morning, for example, a lot comes in.”
Kathy Meers, director of the Middle Township Sewer and Water Department, said the “key part” of the increase is necessary for the Whitesboro-Edgewood sewer project, which is due to come on line in two  years.
Norkis said the MUA will supply the capacity “whenever Middle says they need it.”
According to the MUA, the original design of the pump station was for 300,000 gpd. The MUA agreed to upgrade to an “ultimate” 486,000 gpd in 1993. In 2003 that was upped another 246,000 to 732,000. 
The latest request, due for official MUA approval next month, adds another 93,000 gpd and brings it to 825,000,
“Make them aware the next increase will cost them a lot more,” advised Commissioner Wil-liam G. Burns Jr.
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