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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Marlboro to Operate LeGates Farm Market 5.3.2006

By Jack Fichter

FISHING CREEK –  Residents were shocked and saddened by the death of C. Bolton and Dorothy LeGates April 22 in a car accident on rain-slick Route 47 in Port Elizabeth, Maurice River Township. The Legates owned and operated the popular LeGates Farm and Market here on Bayshore Road.
A family member told the Herald the farm market will reopen this summer. It will be leased by the owners of the Marlboro Farm Market in Green Creek.
The LeGates had applied in July 2005 to sell the development easement to the county’s Open Space and Farmland Preservation program, thus permanently preserving the farm from development.
Open Space Director Barbara Ernst said appraisals of the LeGates farm had already been done.
It is unsure at this time whether the family will continue the application for farmland preservation.
State Police said the LeGates’ Buick LeSabre, heading south, was hit head-on by a northbound Chevrolet Equinox driven by Paul Morse of Secane, Pa. about 2:30 p.m.
According to police, Morse’s vehicle hydroplaned and slammed into the LeGates car. He was uninjured, but two women passengers were treated for injuries.
Bolton LeGates was 79; his wife Dorothy was 78.
The couple lost their son, Robert, one year ago.
The LeGates were lifelong residents of Lower Township. Residents wait in anticipation each year for sweet corn and tomatoes from the their farm.

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