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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Lost:One Puppy- Found: Kindness 6.14.2006

By Rick Racela

WILDWOOD – How would you feel if a family member went missing?
Frantic? Scared? Angry? Depressed?
Any pet owner who has ever hung “Lost” posters on telephone pole has experienced the rollercoaster of emotions.
For John and Carol Carolan, their unfortunate ride ended in sadness when the remains of the couple’s missing two-month-old puppy, Bubba, was found by a fisherman at a marina.
John Carolan said that Bubba, a very friendly hairless Chinese crested, was frightened by Friday night fireworks on May 26 and bolted through the gate of their condominium on East Maple Avenue.
Within days, images of Bubba appeared on telephone poles throughout this city. The family searched and hoped for his safe return, Carolan said.
However, as the weeks dragged on and Bubba still not found, Carolan said he was most impressed by how friendly and helpful the community was.
He remembered how a local resident helped take his daughter Dawn around to neighborhood businesses. Neighbors the couple hadn’t previously met went out with flashlights to look under porches and decks for the missing puppy.
He noted how a good number of people called to offer their assistance in finding their pet. Now that Bubba has been found, those people still continued to call and offer condolences. 
“It really is heartwarming,” Carolan said.  
“Even though our story didn’t end happy, it really is something how kind everyone was,” added his wife.
What do I do if my pet is lost?
According to Missing Pet Partnership, a national, nonprofit organization that provides lost pet recovery tips and referrals, unexpected events tend to happen when an animal is in unfamiliar territory, such as a vacation home.
The organization offered these steps that can help pet owners who are searching for their missing companion:
*First, search your property thoroughly. Cats and small dogs can get into some strange places and love to hide when they are scared. Make sure to bring a powerful flashlight, even in the daylight hours, for checking in dark spaces.
*Walk the neighborhood, talk to everybody, and leave your phone number.
*Make some familiar noises, such as rattling a food dish or squeezing a favorite squeaky toy, while you walk around the area.
*Place strong-scented articles, such as your dog’s favorite blanket or your cat’s litterbox outside your home to attract your pet.
*Call local veterinarian offices during the day. After normal hours, call veterinarian emergency clinics.
*Visit your local Animal Control, humane societies, and  animal shelters, including the ones in surrounding areas.
*Post as many flyers about your lost pet within the area of where it was lost. Animal rescue groups suggest including a reward, a photo of your pet, a list of the animal’s identifying marks, and a phone number.
*Place an ad in your local newspaper and check the newspaper “found” ads every day.
Contact Huggins at: (609) 886-8600 ext. 25 or

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