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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Lost Covid Vaccination Card? There’s a Site for That


By Vince Conti

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TRENTON – Those who received a Covid vaccination card will likely need it, but for what remains unclear.
Some colleges are requiring proof of vaccination. There is talk that airlines will require a vaccination record. It is even possible some employers will want to see the card.The European Commission is considering proposals requiring visiting Americans to show Covid vaccination proof.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended fully vaccinated individuals take photos of both sides of the card, as protection against loss. 
Some officials, Gov. Phil Murphy among them, suggested having the cards laminated, which may pose a problem if the card is eventually used to record booster shots.
What is clear is it’s a good idea to preserve proof of which vaccine an individual received, and when, raising the question of what to do if the card is lost.
The state prepared for the fact that some of the millions of New Jerseyans who were fully vaccinated would need to replace the card they lost with proof of their vaccinated status. 
To that end, the New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS) is equipped with a way for individuals to request their vaccination information. The system can only respond to requests from individuals who were immunized in New Jersey.
Individuals who need a copy of their immunization record can visit NJIIS’ website, at, for new documentation. Once on the site, the user clicks “submit a request” and then “I want to request a copy of my immunization record.” 
Supply the required information and NJIIS will respond in 24 to 48 hours, according to information on the site.

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