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Monday, May 20, 2024


Kindergartner Issues: A Beach Just for Kites and Underground Poles

By Al Campbell

The profession of one’s father or mother is either neat or boring.. One that uses nifty tools catches young eyes and imaginations; others that don’t are just unthinkable.
Imagine the plight of 6-year-old Robert Giulian, whose dad, Karl Giulian is a borough councilman.
How could be possibly explain what his dad did, even if he knew?
Who among Giulian’s Seven Mile Beach classmates would understand what it means to be elected, attend council meetings, make weighty decisions and spend something called “taxes” on “stuff?”
So, although he fretted throughout the days prior what might happen, on Jan. 26, the councilman father took his son’s hand and led Mrs. Dean’s kindergarten class for two cold, windswept blocks to Borough Hall.
Once inside, the 13 were greeted by Mayor Suzanne Walters.
They seemingly flew up the stairs to council’s meeting room where they filled front seats.
Wide-eyed Robert drank in every word from the mayor, Police Chief William Toland, and his father.
“This is Mayor Walters,” said Giulian, “She is the boss of Stone Harbor.”
Some classmates seemed impressed, others were nonplused, and wiggled in their seats.
They had questions for the mayor, and even offered handmade cards, which offered crayon-colors beach tag ideas.
Among suggestions, have a kite beach solely set aside for flying kites, and put utility poles underground so that they wouldn’t get hit by cars and fall down.
Then, the magic moment, students were allowed to sit in council’s seats.
Robert got to sit in his dad’s chair; nice, but not as much fun as sitting in the mayor’s chair.
After all, the mayor had a hammer to bang, and most of Giulian’s classmates took their turns practicing with that ceremonial gavel.
Walters showed the class through her office.
Finally, in about 20 minutes, the class literally flew down the stairs they ascended, and headed back to school.
Robert didn’t have to fret any longer. His dad made good on his promise, and everyone knew that “the boss of Stone Harbor” gets to bang a hammer.
That’s important to kindergartners; not everyone has a hammer.
Contact Campbell at (609) 886-8600 Ext 28 or:

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