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Tuesday, July 23, 2024


Herald to Receive 3 NJPA Awards -4.19.2006

By Al Campbell

TRENTON – Herald Newspapers will receive three writing awards in the annual New Jersey Press Association (NJPA) Better Newspaper Contest at a conference here tomorrow.
All are in the “over 4,500 circulation” classification.
Real Estate Editor Carole Mattessich, will receive a second place in the business writing category for her article, “Will Miniature Golf Survive Development Trends?”
Pointing out that “upscale visitors” demand fancy courses that are costly to build,  she said some courses are staying in the business, but others are opting to sell to developers.
Editor Joe Zelnik will  receive two awards, a first place for humorous column writing and  a third place for  editorial comment.
His Aug. 3 editorial, “Does Anyone Care About Our Juveniles?” rued the county’s failure to fund a community service program for juvenile offenders, asking “Why are freeholders more interested in cats and dogs than kids – because a puppy is cuter than a kid with a tattoo and a pieced eyebrow?”
The Aug. 10 column, “Intelligent Shoe Needs to Be Understood,” featured üZelnik’s interview with an Adidas “intelligent” running shoe that the firm claimed “senses,  understands, and adapts.”
The shoe, which Zelnik said he purchased at the Burdette Tomlin Etcetera Shop, complained that it was an “also-ran” compared to Nike and yearned to “hook up with a pair of black pumps.”
Publisher Art Hall, vice president of the NJPA’s Weekies Division and member of its  board of directors, will accept the awards for the newspaper.
Click to Joe Zelnik read his award-winning column.

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