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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Young Refutes Resignation; Lawyer Says Seat’s Vacant

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By Camille Sailer

PETERSBURG – Over 130 participants joined Upper Township Committee’s virtual meeting Oct. 26, a number that exceeded the usual gathering by more than ten-fold.  

The meeting began with a discussion about Hobart “Hobie” Young, who supposedly resigned from the governing body Oct. 19 after outrage over digitally manipulated memes portraying Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris in sexually suggestive positions that were posted to his Facebook page. 

Frank Corrado, a lawyer hired by the municipality, opened with a statement addressing whether Young’s intent to resign was binding.  

“We consider Mr. Young’s seat now vacant based on the resignation he filed Oct. 19. He is not a member now of the municipal committee, and we understand Mr. Young might have a different opinion and might believe he has legal remedies regarding his submitted resignation. As a result, I am advising committee members to make no further substantive statement on the matter,” Corrado said. 

“I received misinformation about what I should do and panicked,” said Young. “My resignation was not signed either in letter form or by email, and therefore, according to my legal team, it is not valid. Furthermore, I said I was ‘going to resign,’ not that I had.”  

“See you in court,” he concluded. 

During public comment, dozens of residents for over two hours spoke on what many termed “the low level of where Upper Township politics and elected officials have sunk in a community we love.”  

Their remarks centered around Young’s social media posts, the recent one, as well as several over the past year, and the blind eye, they said, municipal officials turned towards  “behavior that makes us feel unsafe and totally in the dark as to what we can tell our children about these kinds of horrible remarks.” 

Some residents opined that Young be allowed to complete the remaining year of his term and “let the voters decide what should happen to him.”  

Others stated Young contributed over four decades of valuable public service and should not be judged by the post 

Some drew a link between Young’s actions and a Republican parade promoting President Donald Trump’s reelection, which was held Oct. 18.  

During the parade, there were reports that a Confederate flag was flown and obscene gestures were made by participants. Many noted that Committee member Curtis Corson, running for reelection Nov. 3, attended the parade, along with Young, and did not seem to take exception to what was happening 

Corson said he did not see the Confederate flag, and that there was hostility on both sides. 

Mayor Richard Palombo said that the “aggressive and hostile actions against women and minorities, especially African Americans, was very dismaying,” and that the municipality would do all it could to make residents feel safe and welcome.     

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