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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Woodbine Mayor Honored at Complete Streets Summit

Woodbine Complete Streets

By Press Release

WOODBINE – Mayor William Pikolycky was presented with an award as a Complete Streets Champion at the 2017 New Jersey Complete Streets Summit Oct. 24, 2017, held at Rutgers University.
The Borough passed a local Complete Streets policy, helping to ensure that roadway projects throughout the Borough consider the needs of all road users. Over the years, the Borough has been extremely proactive in securing funds to improve its municipal roadways, provide sidewalks and pedestrian trails, and develop bikeways throughout the community.  All of these actions are compatible with the goals of a Complete Streets Program.
The Complete Streets movement is about institutionalizing the principles of accommodating transit-riders, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists while making the roads safe for children, the elderly, and the disabled as well as able-bodied adults. Complete Streets enhance the livability of the Borough for all of its residents and visitors.
Woodbine is also currently certified as a Sustainable Jersey Bronze level community and has an approved Community Forestry Management Plan.
In conjunction with the latter, Mayor Pikolycky received a Green Community Achievement Award from the New Jersey Forest Service, New Jersey Tree Foundation, and New Jersey Community Forestry Council.
Woodbine has previously been recognized for its accomplishments in achieving Complete Streets Community status. At that time, the Borough was cited for its understanding of the economic, public health, and mobility benefits of Complete Streets.
“First, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the New Jersey Department of Transportation for being selected to receive the Complete Streets Champion Award.  I have been a proponent of the principals associated with Complete Streets. All engineering analysis and design strategies should be comprehensive to consider both pedestrian and vehicular safety aspects to the fullest extent possible. 
By adopting the Complete Streets Resolution, it further reinforced of the goals that I have promoted throughout my term in Office”  noted Mayor Pikolycky.
“I would like to give credit to all our professionals and partners involved in our achieving this: Borough Engineer, Grants Consultant, Planning and Zoning officials, the County Bikeway Coordinator, and all those who were complicit in any way, including The Baker Group who provided us with our overall comprehension plan. I am pleased to note that the County of Cape May also received a Complete Streets Excellence Award at the Summit.”

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