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Saturday, April 20, 2024


Woodbine Introduces Budget; Local Purpose Tax Rate Holds Steady

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By Press Release

WOODBINE – Mayor William Pikolycky that the Borough of Woodbine introduced its budget for 2021 March 18.
According to a release, this year’s spending plan calls for a local purpose tax rate of $0.233, which is the same as 2020, and as a result, for the 31st consecutive year, the local purpose tax rate has not increased. The municipality has now positioned itself to have one of the lowest local purpose tax rates in the county and throughout the state. This means that a property assessed at $100,000 would pay $233.00 in local purpose tax.
The 2021 spending plan calls for a total budget of approximately $3 million. This includes the budgets for the water/sewer utility, with a total spending plan of $565,000, and the airport utility, with a total spending plan of $382,500 (excluding all current year grants).
In addition, the borough will be administering a number of capital projects throughout this year that were previously funded. It is pursuing additional grant funding for airport, water, parks, bikeways, and other infrastructure projects.
“I continue to take great pride in noting that as mayor for the past 31 years, we have never increased the local purpose tax rate, and our financial position remains strong as does our fund balance, despite the challenges of this pandemic year, including some increased expenses,” stated Pikolycky. “By continuing to pursue grant funding from federal, state, county and other sources, we will be able to leverage our municipal funds to the fullest extent possible, without having to raise our local purpose tax.”
A public hearing on the municipal budget will be held at the April 15 Borough Council meeting, which starts at 7:30 p.m.

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