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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Woodbine Awards 2 Contracts for Water Project

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By Press Release

WOODBINE—Mayor William Pikolycky announced that the Borough of Woodbine, at its Feb. 18 Borough Council meeting, awarded two contracts for its multi-million-dollar water project, which includes both water treatment plant upgrades and water main extensions. 

According to a release, the awards were made contingent on approval and concurrence from the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Rural Development (USDA) and the New Jersey Water Bank (NJWB), the agencies funding the project.  

The contract for the water main extension project was awarded to DSC Construction Inc., for $830,729. The water main project work includes furnishing all material, equipment and labor required to construct potable water mains, valves, hydrants, connections, road restoration, and all other items related to extension and replacement of potable water distribution systems on Fidler Hill Road, from DeHirsch Avenue to Fidler Road, and on Henry DeCinque Drive, at the Municipal Airport.  

The contract for the water treatment plant upgrade was awarded to B & H Contracting Inc., for $3,067,000. Work under the water treatment plant upgrade project includes, among other things, furnishing all material, equipment and labor required to construct the extensive water treatment plant improvements, such as new pressure filters, rehabilitation of the sedimentation basin, installation of new emergency generators, installation of new automated controls, rehabilitation of buildings, and various other site improvements.  

“These projects total nearly $4 million in construction funds, for which I wish to thank USDA and NJWB for their recognition of the importance of these projects. These projects will provide significant improvements to the water system,” stated Pikolycky 

“While the borough’s water supply has consistently tested within satisfactory limits set by NJDEP and USEPA, as noted in our annual Consumer Confidence Report, these projects will enable the borough to continue these high standards for the foreseeable future and allow continued usage in a safe, economical and compliant manner.” 

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