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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Wildwood Crest to Start Seaview Avenue Construction Sept. 8

By Lauren Suit

WILDWOOD CREST — The Borough of Wildwood Crest advises its residents, property owners and visitors that street and utility reconstruction on Seaview Avenue between Fern Road and Nashville Avenue will commence on or about Sept. 8.
Construction activity is anticipated to last for approximately eight months.
During the construction period, this section of Seaview Avenue or portions thereof will be closed to traffic. Access will be limited to emergency vehicles and equipment. Traffic will be detoured around the construction zone.
Construction activity will generally be limited to between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Property owners on this section of Seaview Avenue should expect inconveniences accessing their properties during construction hours. However, the borough’s contractor is committed to completing all work professionally and expeditiously, with the least amount of disruption to affected property owners as possible.
The work on Seaview Avenue includes the replacement of the existing sanitary sewer mains and laterals, replacement of the complete storm sewer system, replacement of curbs, gutters, driveway aprons, areas immediately adjacent to the curb (between the curb and sidewalk), complete reconstruction of the roadway and striping improvements. In addition, storm sewer improvements (work is limited to the storm sewer system) will be completed on Heather Road between Seaview and Atlantic Avenues; on Fern Road between Pacific and Ocean Avenues; on Atlanta Avenue between Seaview Avenue and the Beach; and on Miami Avenue between Seaview Avenue and the Beach.
Property owners are also advised that water lines may be disturbed during street and utility reconstruction work, resulting in rusty water. It is noted this project does not include any planned water utility improvements; however, it is possible that water utility infrastructure is disturbed during the course of construction thereby requiring repair. In addition, it is likely the vibration and impact of the construction activity alone may cause disturbance of water lines resulting in occasional rusty water.
During the reconstruction period, property owners are encouraged to frequently verify the condition of domestic water supply by running cold water from a faucet prior to turning hot water on in order to prevent potential debris from entering a hot water heater and to avoid using rusty or discolored water for any other activities.
The Board of Commissioners of the Borough of Wildwood Crest apologizes in advance for any and all inconveniences the construction work may cause, but kindly requests patience, cooperation and understanding while they continue aggressive street and utility infrastructure improvements program.
The first phase of the Seaview Avenue street reconstruction, which included from Cresse Avenue to Fern Road, was completed in the spring.
For more information pertaining to the construction work, contact the borough engineer, Jim Verna of Van Note-Harvey Associates, at (609) 465-2600 or via email at

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