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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Wildwood City Officials Warn the Public Ahead of Official Weekend Car Event

Crowds gather around a vintage car at the 2017 Race of Gentlemen.

By Herald Staff

WILDWOOD – After two died and more were injured in Wildwood Sept. 24, city leaders are taking no chances ahead of an official race and car gathering planned for the upcoming weekend.
The Wildwood Board of Commissioners released a statement Sept. 28 warning the public that vehicles that are unregistered or not street legal will be ticketed and towed on site without exception.
State Laws and Municipal Ordinances must be upheld to the fullest extent,” the statement reads.
All non-street legal vehicles and motorcycles are permitted to access the Baker Avenue Beach Parking lot for unloading and storing.
The Race of Gentlemen is an annual race held in Wildwood where vehicles and motorcycles race along a quarter mile stretch of beach. The event draws crowds every year. According to the race’s website, it was first officially organized in Asbury Park in 2012 before it was moved to Wildwood. 
Officials are on edge after the mayhem from the unsanctioned H2oi rally held Sept. 22-25 in the Wildwoods.
“Thank you for your cooperation. Stay safe and enjoy the event,” officials concluded.

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