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Friday, April 12, 2024


Van Drew’s Intervention Sought

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By Vince Conti

STONE HARBOR – Last summer, Stone Harbor Councilman Charles Krafczek expressed outrage that he learned, via social media, that snare traps were being used as part of the predator control program at Stone Harbor Point.
Since then, a debate has raged on the council over whether to support the federal and state Fish and Wildlife Predator Control Program. The program includes the use of snare traps and euthanasia of captured foxes, or to seek a change in the program to allow for relocation, outside the borough, of captured predators.
A resident, unhappy with the council’s efforts, approached U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2nd) for help in changing the program. Van Drew recently intervened successfully on the borough’s behalf, in a dispute with U.S. Fish and Wildlife over the borrowing of sand from Hereford Inlet for beach replenishment.
Two weeks ago, it looked as though the council would easily pass a motion to formally invite Van Drew’s intercession on the issue; but on Feb. 19, council split 3-3 on the motion, with council members Joselyn Rich, Frank Dallahan and Reese Moore all against the proposal, saying that it risked upsetting a strong working relationship with the state and federal agencies that has benefited the borough.
Council members Krafczek, Raymond Parzych and Jennifer Gensemer favored inviting Van Drew’s assistance. They argued that support for a relocation alternative should not jeopardize any relationship as long as the borough continues to support predator control regardless of the outcome of Van Drew’s participation.
It is unusual in the borough for such issues to result in a split council. Mayor Judith Davies-Dunhour broke the tie, and Van Drew’s assistance will be sought.

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