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US Attorney’s Office Announces Hotline to Protect Voting Rights

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NEWARK – In advance of New Jersey’s Nov. 2 general election, Acting U.S. Attorney Rachael Honig announced Oct. 22 that the public may call the U.S. Attorney’s Office Election Hotline, at 888-636-6596, to report threats against voters, threats against election workers, or any other activities that would interfere with a citizen’s right to vote. 
According to a release, early voting begins in New Jersey Oct. 23 and continues Oct. 31. The election hotline will be active from Oct. 22 to Nov. 3.
Federal law protects the rights of voters to vote without discrimination and free from acts designed to harass or intimidate them. Federal law also permits voters to have an accessible polling place and to mark their own ballot, or to be assisted by a person of their choice for reasons of disability, illiteracy, or limited English proficiency. 
As the Department of Justice reiterated when it launched the Task Force to Combat Threats Against Election Workers, federal law also prohibits threats against election workers, administrators, officials, and others associated with the electoral process. The department and its federal law enforcement partners will work with state and local officials to respond to complaints and to ensure that every voter is able to cast a ballot.
Honig stated, “We are committed to ensuring free and fair elections in New Jersey by protecting the right of every voter to access polling places and cast a ballot and the right of every election worker to work without harassment, threats, or intimidation. We encourage the public to reach out to our office to report any threats, discrimination, or other concerns.”
In the case of a crime of violence or intimidation, please call 911 immediately. The public may report potential violations of federal voting rights laws at any time by calling the Civil Rights Hotline, 855- 281-3339, or by submitting an online complaint here.

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