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Monday, July 15, 2024


Upper Stresses Safe and Permitted Use of Rec Facilities

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By Camille Sailer

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PETERSBURG – Upper Township’s business manager and safety official, Scott Morgan, informed Committee members at their April 6 meeting that the township has installed new LED lighting, through Atlantic City Electric, and security cameras.
“For over a year now, we have been experiencing vandalism by young people, and these measures are those we promised to undertake as a result,” Morgan said.
In a related matter, Committee member Hobie Young, whose committee portfolio includes upkeep of the township’s recreation facilities, said, “It’s sad to announce, but people are not following the guidelines set by the governor and the township to refrain using our recreational facilities because of safety precautions associated with the COVID-19 crisis. These violators are even climbing high chain-link fences and dismantling heavy chains, locks and bolts we have installed to keep people out. ”
“An excellent model we (Upper Township) should follow is what Dennis Township is doing because they don’t seem to be having any problems like what we’re experiencing,” Young added.
Mayor Richard Palombo responded by saying, “Our website is excellent and has all the appropriate warnings posted. We also have installed large signage at the township’s fields and facilities that clearly orders people to stay out.”
Young said he floated the idea of issuing a summons, to those who don’t follow the orders, to residents, saying he “received about 99% positive feedback.”
“We should be issuing these types of summons to both the kids, as well as to their parents, who are not keeping tabs on their children during this emergency situation and are totally disregarding the warnings and keep violating the orders,” he said.
“I don’t understand why Upper is not getting the same reaction as Dennis when our website is so explicit, and I am very reluctant to use the summons option,” Palombo said. “We need to continue to educate our residents and everyone else and our website is our go-to primary resource.”
“I understand there could be a liability issue if stronger action is not taken, but let’s continue to get the word out about our safety measures through any and all means we have at our disposal,” he concluded.
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