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Monday, May 27, 2024


Upper Lauds 1st Responders for Baby Delivery

Upper Township Committee

By Camille Sailer

PETERSBURG – Upper Township Committee, at its Sept. 13 meeting, approved a commendation for fire and emergency management personnel who assisted in the unexpected arrival of a baby Aug. 27. 
According to Mellissa Coker, acting chief of the municipality’s emergency management squad, Seaville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company was called into action at 7:36 p.m., and the first unit on scene was Capt. Scott Fancher, followed by Chief Stephen Schaffer a minute later. 
“Seaville Fire members who participated were Schaffer, Deputy Chief Roy Blackledge, Deputy Chief Chris Belles, Fancher, and firefighters Joe Devine, Rob Lane and Kevin O’Brien,” stated Coker.
“Our duty crew ambulance was already on a separate emergency call when the 911 call for the woman in labor was received,” Coker continued. “In accordance with our current protocols, the fire department was dispatched as a first responder alongside our ‘all call’ request for off-duty personnel and volunteers to respond to the station for an additional ambulance. 
“Within minutes of this happening, the on-call EMS (emergency medical services) supervisor called for a mutual aid ambulance from Ocean City since birth was imminent. Before the ambulance was able to arrive, the baby girl was delivered by the firemen on scene. Shortly after, mother and baby were transported to the hospital and are now both home and doing well.” 
She added that “this is not an everyday occurrence, and these gentlemen should be proud, as only approximately 0.8% of the 96,543 New Jersey births that occurred in 2020 were in front of first responders. Ocean City Fire Rescue and our own EMT John Carter should also be thanked for their assistance, as well.”

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