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Monday, July 15, 2024


Upper Bids Farewell to Mayor, Deputy Mayor

 Palombo and Barr in a file photo.

By Camille Sailer

PETERSBURG – Upper Township Committee, at its Dec. 13 meeting, recognized Mayor Richard Palombo and Deputy Mayor Edward Barr, running mates on three occasions, who are both stepping down after years of service and long lists of accomplishments.  

Barr read a committee resolution thanking Palombo for “having done it all,” first serving the municipality on its Zoning Board 27 years ago, holding the mayoral position for 22 years, and wearing practically every hat imaginable in municipal administration during those years from lifeguard supervision to public works to animal control to housing to emergency medical services.  

During public comment, committee members and citizens cited Palombo’s vision, integrity, and ability to listen to residents’ perspectives without emotional bias.  

Among his accomplishments, speakers described the construction of the community center on Route 50; the senior center on Stagecoach Road; guiding potential Strathmere annexation to successful resolution; the Beesley’s Point beautification project; and positioning the B.L. England plant site for revitalization and economic development.  

Palombo joked he never hit the gavel once during all the years’ meetings, because he didn’t ever want to use it for control, but was now dropping the mic to end his term.  

Barr was recognized for the multiple administrative hats he also wore for his eight years on the committee, with six as deputy mayor.  

Both said they will miss serving the community but look forward to family time since they missed many gatherings because of official commitments.  

The new mayor and deputy mayor will be chosen from among committee members at the municipality’s reorganization meeting Jan. 7. 


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