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Thursday, June 20, 2024


UPDATE: Crest Prohibits Front-yard Parking

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By Vince Conti

UPDATE: This ordinance was adopted, at the Wildwood Crest Board of Commissioners meeting Aug. 18.
WILDWOOD CREST – Parking is a forefront issue in the county’s island communities. Trying to find a place to put one’s car calls for inventiveness and a measure of tenacity. For some in Wildwood, the solution was to use the front yard as an alternative parking space.
Wildwood Crest Board of Commissioners Aug. 4 introduced an ordinance that would prohibit parking any vehicle “within the front-yard area or between the principal structure on the property and the curb line.” 
The ordinance charges the police with enforcement and sets a penalty of fines, from $50 to $500, and keeps open the possibility of 90 days in jail. Each day on which a violation occurs is deemed a separate offense.
A public hearing and possible adoption are scheduled in September.

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