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Monday, May 20, 2024


Teenaged Summer Resident Honored for New Novel

Capri Mills

By Rebecca Fox

NORTH WILDWOOD – A seasonal resident of North Wildwoodrecently published a new book,“Shore Blood.”
Capri Mills, a senior at Shawnee High School, in Medford, Burlington County, has strong ties to the Wildwoods. Mills has worked at Ocean Outfitters and the surf camp, as well as Hassles Ice Cream, during her time on the island in the summer. 
During her junior year of high school, atthe height of the pandemic,Mills authored her paranormal novel, that takes place in North Wildwood. The main character, Katella, and her dog, Ghost, moved to town, until one day, Katella was attacked by a vampire. Now being a vampire herself, she learns to embrace her new role as a vampire by hunting the bad ones. 
Not only is Mills now apublished author, she is also a member of the National Honor Society, an athlete, and a book lover, having collected 5,000and donated them to an underprivileged school in Philadelphia. 
“It is the desire of the borough of Wildwood Crest to honor and commend Capri Mills for authoring the paranormal tale of ‘Shore Blood’that takes place on our beloved island, and for remembering those less fortunate and giving back,” Mayor Don Cabrera said, during Wildwood Crest Commissioners’ Oct. 20 meeting. Cabrera proclaimed Oct. 20 as Capri Mills Day. 
Commissioner Gould noted that the book is just in time for Halloween. 
During North Wildwood’s Oct. 19 meeting, council honored Mills for her excellent example for all regarding her volunteer service and congratulations for her book, as well. 
Mills is now preparing to apply to colleges.

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