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Monday, July 15, 2024


Stone Harbor to Hike Water/Sewer Connection Rates

By Leslie Truluck

STONE HARBOR –– Borough Council had first reading on an ordinance to increase water and sewer connection rates at its meeting Oct. 21.
Councilman Randall Bauer, Chair of the Utilities Committee, said the ordinance is necessary to address costs incurred by the borough to provide or disconnect services. He said borough rates were last adjusted in 2005. Once passed, the ordinance would be effective at the end of November.
“We’ve dropped behind the real cost and with increases in brass and copper fittings we need to raise utility rates,” Bauer said.
All size service line connections will increase with the exception of four-inch service line installations, which will decrease. Bauer said this anomaly is accounted for because four-inch connections are standard in the borough and can be connected without new fittings. Also, he said the process has changed so now more than one line can be run through the same trench.
Costs of complete service line installations, according to size, would change as follows:
A three-quarter-inch service line installation would increase from $825 to $1,171;
One-inch installation would increase from $935 to $1,579;
One and a half-inch installation would increase from $1,925 to $2,317;
Two-inch installation would increase from $2,420 to $2,930;
Four-inch installations would decrease from $4,400 to $3,998;
Six-inch installations would increase from $6,050 to $6,347;
Eight-inch installations would increase from $7,150 to $8,173.
In a case where the service line has been partially installed, from the water main under the street to the curb and no additional street opening is needed, the Utilities Department will increases charges from $935 to $1,052 for a three-quarter inch service and from $1,100 to $1,358 for a one-inch service. Repairs are the responsibility of the property owner and must be performed by a licensed plumber or authorized borough employee or contractor.
If properties are vacated for demolition, meters must be removed by authorized personnel and returned to the Utilities Department. Meter reinstallation fees will increase from $110 to $125.
New or replaced water lines and sewer done at the same time would increase from a street opening charge of $850 to $1,155 if both lines are laid in the same trench. If laid in separate trenches the charge applies to both lines.
Service discontinuance fees, including removal of a meter, would increase from $330 to $450 plus a street opening charge.
Sewer rates will also increase as follows:
Four-inch building sewer, with the same trench, would increase from $220 to $732;
Six-inch building sewer, with the same trench, would increase from $250 to $842;
Four-inch installation, with new street opening, would change from $400 to $925;
Six-inch installation, with new opening, would change from $500 to $1,203.
Four-inch building sewers would be installed unless a larger size is deemed necessary by the plumbing inspector.
Contact Truluck at (609) 886-8600 ext. 24 or at: ltruluck

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