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Stone Harbor Public Works Finds Missing iPhone

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By Vince Conti

STONE HARBOR – Imagine returning from the beach sans iPhone, the device that has contact information no longer committed to memory, photos that were to be offloaded to the cloud, and things that essentially make up one’s life these days. Not to forget the cost of the phone, as well.  

Imagine returning to the beach and finding Public Works raking the sandgetting the beach ready for its next onslaught of visitors.  

This was the situation recently in Stone Harbor, when Public Works employees stopped to help a frantic beachgoer find his phone.  

Borough employees explained to the phone’s owner that one can use an app to find the device. They helped get that in place and activated.  

Public Works Director Grant Russ told the story at the Aug. 3 Stone Harbor Borough Council meeting, noting the activated app showed the phone moving down the beach to the south. So, coincidentally, was the equipment raking the beach.  

The phone was picked up by the rake and deposited in its hopper. It was located, recovered, and returned. 

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