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Thursday, July 25, 2024


Smile; Middle Surveillance Cameras Ok’d

By Al Campbell

The board Dec. 15 unanimously approved award of a $36,068 contract to Access Communications Services of Vincentown for 22 fixed and five hand-tilted cameras.
Installation is set to begin over the Christmas break.
Board member Daniel Money questioned the quality of cameras and the clarity of the images they will provide.
“I went to (county) vocational school, Ocean City High School and Pitman High School,” said Board Administrator-Secretary Walter Landgraf.
He told the board the cameras are those used at both the technical school and in Ocean City.
“I was extremely pleased with the resolution, and used that as a basis,” said Landgraf.
Slowing school construction statewide also aided the board, according to Vice President Dennis Roberts.
“We ended up getting more bang for our buck,” he said.
“Originally we would have had to run wires, now we will not have to. So something positive happened by waiting,” Roberts said.
He added that he was “confident we can get them in over Christmas break.”
The district still awaits receipt of $1.6 million from the state School Construction Corp. for its part in funding the refurbishing of the high school and other buildings that was part of the last building referendum.
Landgraf reported a seven-month short term anticipation note for the sum was secured from Commerce Bank at 3.65 percent as of Dec. 8.
“We are not the only district that has had problems collecting money. We had to go out and borrow on recommendation by bond counsel,” said Landgraf.
Interest on the amount is about $35,000 he said.
Board member Andrew Melchiorre was assisting Landgraf in “pursuing the action with Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew (D-1st),” he added.
“We are always complying to the needs of the state agency. It’s interesting that the rules change whenever they feel like changing them. I say let’s keep the playing field partially level,” said Melchiorre.
The board passed three policy changes on first reading, all dealing with athletics. They will have second reading and possible adoption at the Jan. 19 meeting.
The first sets eligibility standards, including minimum academic requirements, that must be met so a student can continue to play sports.
Second was an “Athletic Code of Conduct” for parents attending or involved in sports programs.
It states adults should “lead by example by demonstrating fairness, respect and self control.”
The person pledges to be “responsible for my words and actions while attending, coaching, officiating or participating in a youth sports,” and promises to follow a 14-point code of conduct that prohibits fighting, use of profanity, or ill treatment of a coach, referee or other person attending a game.
Failure to comply with the code carries penalties from verbal and written warnings issued by the league, organization or school official, to suspension from youth sports events.
The final policy change would prevent a “coach, parent, player, participant, official or other youth sports event attendee” from attending school and or community based youth sports events until written permission is sought or writes an apology to the school board of youth sports organization which issued the ban.
Policy’s provisions also include possible referral to an anger management program, overseen by a professional counselor before a person would be allowed to attend another youth sports program.
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