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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Should Water Tower Sign Mention Lower Township?


By Jack Fichter

VILLAS – Resident Ed Butler is of the opinion the slogan painted on the new water tower at the Millman Center on Bayshore Road should includes the words “Lower Township.”
The tower has the slogan “Home of the Best Sunsets,” which was chosen through a contest of sixth grade students in the township.
Butler addressed commissioners at a June 2 Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority MUA) meeting. He described the slogan as incomplete, as an “open end comment.”
Butler suggested “Welcome to Lower Township,” be painted above “Home of the Best Sunsets.”
Board Chairman Nels Johnson said painting the lettering on the new water tower was very expensive. He said the public seemed to be happy with the current slogan painted on the tower.
Johnson said he realized the MUA could not make everyone happy. He said the money for painting the tower was “budgeted a long time ago.”
“Originally it was supposed to be ‘Welcome to Lower Township, which no one wanted,” said Commissioner Thomas Brown.
“We better start recognizing that we live in Lower Township, it’s not detrimental to anybody that lives here or works here,” Butler. “We’re not Cape May, we’re Lower Township.”
I’m proud to live here,” he continued.
Johnson said it could have cost MUA an additional $7,000 to $10,000 to add more words to the tower’s slogan.
Butler said the lettering would be on the tower for a lifetime. MUA Executive Director Mike DeMarcantonio said water towers are repainted every 10 to 15 years.
Resident Robert Rizzo asked the board of commissioners to get an estimate for the cost of adding the words “Lower Township.” Commissioner Pete Bitting said it could cost as much as $8,000.
Johnson said the board would get an estimate of the cost.
The south side of the water has an American Flag painted on it with the letters “LTMUA” under it. Brown said that had also become an issue.
A Spout-Off in the June 2 edition of the Herald complained “LTMUA” under the flag was “ego driven and self serving.” It said the letters disgraced the American Flag.
Resident Joe Kremp said the flag should be lit up at night. He said he spoke with a Mrs. Williams in Trenton who indicated the electric company would put a light on the flag if a pole was nearby at no cost to the MUA.

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