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Monday, May 20, 2024


Sea Isle Inducts New Members to Beach Patrol’s Hall of Fame

The Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Alumni Association gathered on October 8 to honor the newest members of their organization’s Hall of Fame. Shown during the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony are (from left) SICBPAA Public Relations Chair Brian Wilson; Vice-President Wayne MacMurray; 2022 Hall of Fame Inductees Jordy Troyan

By From Sea Isle City

SEA ISLE CITY – Each year, the members of the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Alumni Association (SICBPAA) choose former lifeguards to induct into their organization’s Hall of Fame – a tradition that has been upheld since the Hall of Fame was first created in 2001 with the induction of Beach Patrol Captain Joe Bowen.  Today, the group has more than sixty member in its Hall of Fame – thanks, in part, to the latest three lifeguards who were recently inducted as the group’s “Class of 2022.”
Following the 2022 Gene Riley SICBP Alumni Golf Outing on October 8 at the Avalon Country Club, the SICBPAA members gathered at Carmen’s Restaurant in Sea Isle City for their annual Induction Ceremony, during which 2022 Hall of Fame inductees Lauren McHale, Tom Montgomery and Jordy Troyan were honored for their years of service on the lifeguard stand. 
Lauren McHale, who is the fifth female to be entered into the SICBPAA’s Hall of Fame, served on Sea Isle’s Beach Patrol from 1999 to 2002, during which time she was a valued member of the SICBP’s Women’s Surf Dash Team and was a champion paddle boarder. Ms. McHale was also a star athlete at Ocean City High School and Lafayette College, and was inducted into OCHS’s Athletic Hall of Fall in 2019. 
Tom Montgomery served with the SICBP during the 1970’s and was a formidable rowing competitor who often won trophies during local lifeguard races. While serving as a lifeguard in Sea Isle, he saved numerous swimmers from drowning and also applied life-saving medical assistance on the sand. Outside of Sea Isle City, he was a 3-year Varsity Letterman at Drexel University.
Jordy Troyan was a lifeguard in Sea Isle City from 2003 to 2010, during which time he guarded numerous beaches along Sea Isle’s shoreline – and one year he even helped save a whale that had washed up near the 24th Street Beach. In addition to helping save lives, he also competed for the SICBP in surf dash, swimming, paddle boarding and running competitions. Following his time on the lifeguard stand, he finished in second place worldwide during the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games (in the Masters Division for competitors 35-39 year old). 
“After enjoying a beautiful day at the Gene Riley SICBP Alumni Golf Outing, we had a fabulous night at the 2022 SICBP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony,” said SICBPAA President John McCann. “The purpose of our association is to develop camaraderie and benevolence with activities run by our Alumni Committee, and to recognize outstanding lifeguards through our Hall of Fame.”  
For more information about the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol Alumni Association or to be added to their e-mailing list, email

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