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Friday, June 21, 2024


Route 50 Safety Concerns Continue

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By Camille Sailer

PETERSBURG – Municipal governing body members heard yet again during public comment at their Sept. 26 meeting about residents’ worries over traffic safety in Upper Township. 
A couple who owns the post office building in Tuckahoe requested that “something be done about a tragedy waiting to happen” at the crosswalk in front of their building on Route 50. 
“No one obeys the speed limit and to make matters worse, the county created a curve in the road when they did Route 50 enhancements a few years ago. Every week we see many near misses, some of them very serious and some involving people trying to cross the road,” the couple told the committee.
“The best we can hope for are flashing lights with a button to push to turn on the lights for pedestrians to cross since traffic lights are only for actual intersections,” engineer Paul Dietrich explained. 
The committee decided to fold in this request to the county with another safety upgrade recommendation from the Tuckahoe Fire Department. A safety request will be made for a similar crosswalk in the vicinity. The township has more limited power as Route 50 is a state road.

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