Wednesday, September 27, 2023

North Wildwood Asks ‘Where’s Gus?’

By Rick Racela

According to special events coordinator Joseph Quattrone, the contest is just one event that will be included in the centennial anniversary celebrations throughout the year.
He said that he hopes that the bright yellow signs and pins will have residents scouring the county for a Gus look-alike as well as spreading the word about the centennial celebration.
According to the special event planners, a sum of $300 will go to the look-alike “Gus” and $200 will go to the person who finds him.
Other plans include a parade on May 12, featuring anyone who had been born at the Margaret Mace Hospital and a procession of the city’s mayors riding in cars of their corresponding era. “Gus” will lead the entourage down Atlantic Avenue in a car from 1906 while former Mayor Aldo Palombo will be riding in a car from the 1990s.
The parade will follow Atlantic Avenue to the Eight Avenue recreation field where a free picnic will be held. 
Quattrone said that the “this parade is about having a good time and being able to have fun. We have so many participants that I’m worried no one will be watching.”
May 16 marks the official date of the city’s 100th anniversary as a municipality. A formal ceremony and burial of a time capsule is planned for 6 p.m. outside of city hall.
Quattrone said that he did yet know what items were to be sealed inside the capsule but jokingly added that notices from the city’s reevaluation should be included. 
In other business, Quattrone told those in attendance that all parades would be held on Atlantic Avenue unless specifically designated to another area.
“Some years we had parades going down Surf Avenue, and it just isn’t conducive to parade atmosphere,” said Quattrone.
He said that moving the parades to Atlantic Avenue would create a more intimate environment and create less of a hassle for police.
“Atlantic is a smaller street which means there will be less gaps between the entertainment,” Quattrone said. “People will be able to enjoy the parade more.”
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