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Sunday, May 26, 2024


NJDOT Grants Woodbine Technical Assistance for Bicycle, Pedestrian Master Plan

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By Press Release

WOODBINE – Mayor William Pikolycky is pleased to announce that the Borough of Woodbine has been approved for technical assistance, which will provide an updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. 

According to a release, the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Safety, Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs (NJDOT-BSBPP) has authorized Sam Schwartz Consulting to provide Local Technical Assistance to the Borough of Woodbine. 

This authorization was based upon an application submitted by the borough requesting bicycle and pedestrian planning assistance from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT). 

The purpose of this study is to provide an updated document expanding on the recommendations that were included in the 2008 plan completed by Michael Baker Inc. (referred to as “The Baker Study”). Using the information from that report and additional information provided by the borough, the study will identify new opportunities to enhance the bicycle and pedestrian network and provide improved multimodal access to the destinations throughout Woodbine.  

As part of this effort, Sam Schwartz will perform a bicycle level of traffic stress analysis, sidewalk inventory and assessment, bicycle and pedestrian crash analyses, intersection assessments, and develop mapping of regional bicycle facilities. The plan would focus on the development of specific active transportation improvements and a plan for implementing the improvements. 

“Anyone interested in serving on a steering committee for this master plan project should send a letter of interest/resume to the Borough Hall,” stated Pikolycky. “I am excited that NJDOT has recognized the importance of updating this study, based upon due Woodbine’s prior progress and success in implementing what was recommended in the original Baker Study, and thank them for this approval.” 

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