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Wednesday, June 19, 2024


New Faces on Harbor Council Make Equal Part Men, Women


By Leslie Truluck

STONE HARBOR — For the first time in borough history, there will be equal representation of men and women on the six-person Borough Council.
Voters here Nov. 3 chose Republicans Joan Kramar and Judy Davies-Dunhour for Borough Council to replace Councilman Karl Giulian, who sought reelection as an Independent, and Councilman H. Brian Levinson, who did not seek reelection.
Council will now have three males and—for the first time—three females, including the two new faces and Councilwoman Joanne Vaul, who was elected in 2008.
Stone Harbor official Nov. 3 general election results are the following:
• 342 Davies-Dunhour
• 332 Kramar
• 222 Giulian
Kramar said the number of votes she received reflects that she has a lot of support.
“I want a cohesive government, trying our best to make Stone Harbor the best it can be,” Kramar told the Herald. “It’s charming now, but it needs to grow, or it will stagnate.
She said residents asked her about beach replenishment, the outfall pipe project, the police department, back bay dredging and the down-town shopping district during her campaign.
Kramar said borough storeowners she spoke with expressed interest in free events, like a beach kite flying contest for kids and adults.
“Not just for the tourist but for the locals,” she said.
Kramar said she spoke with some second home-owners who are not eligible to vote in borough elections.
“Their opinion counts to me too,” she said. “I will absolutely do the best I can.”
Davies-Dunhour was not available for comment as of the Herald’s deadline.

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